event support.

Make an impact at events.

Silver Fox Productions has supported events large and small for 20 years. From interacting with logistics and technical vendors, to managing design services, to creating visual stories for keynotes, to making sure presentations are on screen in the breakout rooms, to backstage operation of demos and animations, to last minute revisions, we have you covered every step of the way.

pre-event services.

Whether it’s a handful of sessions or hundreds, Silver Fox Productions knows what it takes to successfully deliver a presentation. We provide collaborative consultations to define or refine a story. We offer design services that range from basic formatting to meticulously formatted and properly branded presentations. We strategically work with event planners and key decision makers to effectively align event goals to design needs.

on-site support.

Silver Fox Productions has developed a model of on-site support that’s both scalable and measurable. We continue to demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to executive support through speaker consultation and stories that resonate and connect with audiences. Working collaboratively with speakers, we decide how key moments will be shared, shown and showcased. 

Our on-site design teams are trained and organized with the tools, technology and flexibility to manage last-minute edits, push final presentations to rooms and post show presentations to a secure location. With our reputation of superior support, we guarantee you are prepared for success. 

On-site project management

The Silver Fox Productions Project Manager is a touch point for requests, resolutions or referrals. Unexpected circumstances are inevitable at an event making daily updates a critical component to prepare speakers for their sessions. There are often hundreds of files to keep track of, so keeping files tidy and consistently named is key for up-to-date reference and storage. The project manager keeps track of all the details and prepares the design team for a great event.

On-site presentation management

We track and manage every single presentation making sure the final version of the presentation is cued up for delivery onstage, then captured and archived for future use. On-site staff make sure speakers can focus on a successful performance knowing the details are taken care of.

design support

Having a dedicated designer to work with speakers pre-event or onsite builds an extra level of confidence from presentation concept to onstage delivery. Our designer attends rehearsals and sits backstage to manage edits real time, working with you and your team making sure everything goes as planned.

On-site backstage presentation operation

Silver Fox Production’s executive level presentation operators have an ability to coordinate a number of responsibilities simultaneously, resolve problems and issues quickly, stay calm in chaos, and communicate critical information with a level of experience that allows speakers to sleep the night before their keynote.